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At A Video Maker LLC, we provide exceptional video services, fostering seamless collaboration and offering transparent flat-rate pricing.

Founded in 2021 by D.L. Watson, the former executive producer and director of Discovery / Motortrend's reality show "Graveyard Carz," our videos have quickly earned a reputation for engaging audiences and boosting sales.

Fresh ideas. Big results.

We got our start in the heart of the pandemic — supporting small businesses and startups with modern video production marketing and editing, providing affordable results during a time of uncertainty.

Our client’s success attracted the attention of videographers like Spring Fed Media, for whom we provided top-tier post-production services, doubling their content output for clients such as Grain Millers, EPUD, and Lanz Cabinets.

Subsequently, large enterprises like HUB International entrusted us with producing internal marketing pitch videos, resulting in three significant client acquisitions within a year.

By the end of 2022, we expanded our collaborations to include renowned creative firms like Turell Group and FPW Media, offering them unparalleled post-production services to benefit their global clientele.

Broadcast quality. Transparent pricing.

Our belief that broadcast-quality content is possible with manageable costs is a crucial advantage for our clients. This insight is rooted in our extensive post-production knowledge, enabling clients to save time and money during the most costly phase of video creation - video production.

Our optimized approach ensures production efficiency without compromising quality. An on-set producer meticulously supervises pre-production and production from a video editor's perspective, guaranteeing every shot's effectiveness.

We embrace clients of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses to non-profit organizations, confident that our results-driven videos will substantially engage audiences and boost any business's sales.

Your creative partner.

Choosing A Video Maker LLC means gaining a creative partner who truly understands your vision. Our Oregon-based, accredited producers and editors craft videos that deliver results, while our flat-rate, transparent pricing eliminates budgetary concerns at every step.

We pride ourselves on cultivating an environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and innovation, resulting in mutual success for our clients and us. We approach each project with passion and commitment, treating every stakeholder as an essential partner in the creative process.

At A Video Maker LLC, we don't just create videos; we generate results, one video at a time.


Creative Director / Owner

D.L. Watson of A Video Maker LLC, Producer, Director, Video Editor in Oregon
D.L. Watson

D.L. Watson is a seasoned independent producer boasting more than 20 years of experience in the industry, including a significant tenure of almost 10 years on the Discovery / Motortrend reality series, "Graveyard Carz."

Throughout his career, D.L. has been dedicated to generating high-quality content while adhering to restricted budgets. His proficiency as an editor has streamlined the production process, enabling the efficient capture of necessary footage to narrate the story while simultaneously fostering organic marketing opportunities for sponsors.

Following the birth of his son, D.L. stepped away from "Graveyard Carz" and founded A Video Maker LLC, which serves as one of the premier video service providers in Lane County, Oregon.

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