15+ year career as a producer, director, and video editor.

I've been incredibly lucky to have worked with some incredible clients during my career to produce some of the best videos in Oregon.

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D.L. Watson A Video Maker LLC with Mark Worman and Will Scott on Graveyard Carz
D.L. Watson A Video Maker LLC with his Sony A7s3 producing a Corporate Video
my history

A little about me...

I'm an independent filmmaker who spent 8.5 years of my 15-year career as the producer, director, and post-production supervisor/online editor for the Motortrend / Discovery show "Graveyard Carz."

During my tenure, I focused on generating high-quality content on the smallest feasible budget. This was accomplished through collaboration with the series creator and the network to develop dramatic and character-driven storylines while leveraging sponsorships and employing prosumer gear such as DSLRs.

I started A Video Maker LLC in 2021 after retiring from Graveyard Carz after my first son’s birth. Since then I’ve worked with several clients across 150 small-to-large-scale video projects.

I empower businesses with video.

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Working directly with entrepreneur videographers who want to double their projects and business owners, I've built a reputation for delivering best-in-class video producing and video editing.

Convert leads into clients.
I've worked directly with some of the largest corporate customers, offering excellent video producing and production to effectively convert their leads into clients.
Creativity powered by collaboration.
Grain Millers, Lanz Cabinets, Mirlux, Hub International / Ward Insurance, and Aaron Bloom Real Estate Group are some of the local clients I've collaborated with.
Personal. Passion. Professional.
I don't make videos to make money, I made money to make videos. Personal passion projects are vital for me to hone my skills and take risks to learn and apply to future professional work.

Over 15 years of expert directing, producing, and editing.

I'm known for being passionate about my work and for following my instincts, which are fueled by research and data. I'm always pushing my creative boundaries and experimenting with new technologies and marketing trends.
2004 - 2012
Independent filmmaker, writer, & video editor

I transferred all I learned from creating my own amusing short films to my passion of offering services like directing, video editing, and visual effects to local professionals, businesses, and creatives.

Hired: Head of Production "Graveyard Carz" (Discovery / Velocity / Motortrend)

I provided strong and collaborative leadership for the reality-tv show - achieving the production and post-production teams goal to deliver its second-season on time and within budget.

2013 - 2020
Promoted: Director, Producer, Executive Producer

This resulted in "Graveyard Carz" receiving record-breaking ratings due to my passionate and intuitive creative direction. This resulted in six series renewals, 142 episodes I personally planned and executed, and 90% increase in gross profits for the production company during my tenure.

2020 - Present
Founded A Video Maker LLC

After the birth of my son in 2020, I made the decision to share my passion and expertise with both Oregonians and businesses. Since then, I've collaborated with filmmakers, entrepreneurs, corporations, and creative agencies to generate economical, hassle-free, high-quality video.


What clients have to say...

Trusted by Oregonians and businesses alike.

Delivers what the clients wants.

"I work with D.L. on many video projects, and he is a top-of-the-line media professional. He does fantastic video and visual effects editing and has great communication skills to deliver what the client wants on time."

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Michael Sherman

Spring Fed Media
D.L. hustles...

"D.L. hustles, make my listing videos look great, and is my go to for all my post-production work - and I frequently recommend him to my colleagues."

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Aaron Bloom

Aaron Bloom Real Estate Group
Helped me feel comfortable...

"D.L. is amazing to work with! I was so nervous while on film and he helped me feel comfortable and confident. He's easy to work with,  professional and very accommodating. He gave me a great experience and eliminated my fears of being on screen."

Brenda Marie Photograph

Brenda Marie

The Beauty Collage
Very collaborative...

"DL is a very personable and social director to work with. He's very collaborative and trusts his team to take risks and add their creative input."

Nick DeAngelo

Nick DeAngelo

The Division Productions
"Graveyard Carz"
Thinks outside the box...

Very creative and great at thinking outside the box.

Kel Shrader Photograph

Kelly Shrader

Willamette Valley Auto Sales
Professional and responsive...

"DL is professional and responsive. He edited some motion graphics for me and I was very pleased with the result. He got the project done for me sooner than expected as well!"

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JJ Hernandez

In2itive Visions
Creative as well as professional...

"I worked with D.L. for a little over a year, and truly enjoyed working with him. He is hard-working, passionate about his art, creative as well as professional, and also fun to be around. I would recommend him highly!"

Alexis Evers Photo

Alexis Evers

VFX master...

Fun director and a vfx master. D.L. is a blast to work with, I highly recommend.

Hunter O'Guinn Photo

Hunter O'Guinn

One of the best!

One of the best! Diligent, punctual, and hard working

Jon Conway Photo

Jon Conway

One of the best!

D.L. Watson is by far the guy of your video dreams! He is there for you day or night - His monthly rates are ridiculously fair and worth every penny for what this guy pumps out on the daily for his clients.

Casie Lyn Photo

Casie Lyn


I'm ready to help you leverage video.

I'm known for being passionate about my work and for following my instincts, which are fueled by research and data. I'm always pushing my creative boundaries and experimenting with new technologies and marketing trends.

And I've been obsessed with using video to help independent professionals and businesses boost exposure, establish trust, and drive sales for over a decade. I've even launched a newsletter where I share what I've learned on a weekly basis.

D.L. Watson A Video Maker LLC on set with Michael Sherman

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